Our Mission

Our mission is to collaborate with organizations in moving beyond diversity you can capture in a snapshot to designing effective interactions among people across all differences in the workplace to build cultures of belonging where diversity is remixed and weaved into the core of how organizations interact, operate, and innovate.

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Our Story

Kelly M. Brown founded BSD Strategy Group because she was troubled by the lack of progress in diversifying workplaces and in embracing diversity as a way of doing business. She is also deeply concerned by the growing divisions across differences that weaken working relationships and negatively impact business performance.

Kelly M. Brown, Principal Advisor & Founder

Kelly has experienced the persistent lack of diversity in organizations on a very personal level. She got her start from a working class background in Detroit. She attended top law and business schools and rose through the ranks at a top global law firm as one of few, and at many times the only, woman of color at the table.

Kelly recognized it was her ability and the ability of colleagues and classmates to successfully reach across differences and work shoulder-to-shoulder in pursuit of shared goals that broke down barriers, allowing them to thrive together and as individuals.

Kelly and her small team of collaborating consultants are on a mission to help organizations chart a new course for workplace diversity and inclusion: diversity in action through interaction as the path to reducing bias, increasing diversity, and enhancing organizational performance.

It is an approach built on a foundation of social science research, combined with Kelly’s education in ethnic studies, business, and law and her extensive experience in leadership development, diversity management, talent development, teaming, change management, and organizational strategy and design.


Our Commitment
to Paying it Forward

BSD Strategy Group is applying a percent of what we earn from our paid engagements to help increase diversity in entrepreneurship by funding the development of Monica Street Startup Studios, community-centered hybrid K-12 business academies and startup labs. Monica Street is named after Monica Street in Detroit, Michigan, where Kelly got her start in life. Monica Street in Detroit is now one of the most socio-economically challenged communities in the U.S. Monica Street Startup Studios aims to unlock diverse entrepreneurship talent by equipping children in socio-economically challenged urban and rural communities with the business knowledge, technological fluency, inclusive leadership skills, and creative and innovative mastery to one day build and lead diverse teams to launch businesses that help underserved communities across the globe thrive.



"Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so."

-Doris Lessing


What's in a Name?

The BSD in BSD Strategy Group stands for Brown Sons & Daughters. Brown is the surname of our founder's parents. They were an interracial couple married in the United States at a time when interracial marriage was outlawed in most states. They serve as our example of how people can bridge divides across differences, even against the odds. "Sons & Daughters" is from the wisdom of our founder's mother: that to build effective interactions across differences, we must first recognize our shared humanity—that everyone is someone's son or daughter.