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Decades of research shows diversity has a positive impact on creativity and innovation. But diversity is not magic dust. It doesn't automatically generate more creativity and innovation in a workplace. The relationship is more complex than that.



To begin with, the ways in which people define workplace diversity are broad and complex, from cognitive diversity and neurodiversity to social and identity diversity, and everything in between. And different types of diversity can impact group performance in different ways. Additionally, in those cases where diversity has been shown to enhance group creativity and innovation, the research also shows it can simultaneously produce counterproductive conflict.

So in considering the impact of diversity on creativity and innovation, it's important to recognize that while there's no simple formula for automatically connecting diversity with creativity and innovation, there's solid evidence that diversity can spark creativity and innovation under given conditions, when diversity is skillfully channeled using effective diversity management. Effective diversity management can also help organizations generate other benefits through diversity, such as enhanced team performance, employee engagement, and business performance.

Diversity's creative and innovative potential offers inspiration for chasing after diversity's benefits, not shying away from the potential complexity diversity may bring. Working to untangle complexity through real work, side-by-side, is where the magic happens.

Let's work together to spark creativity and innovation by mixing the power of inclusive leadership, effective diversity management, and teaming in your organization.


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