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(Employee Engagement)


Disengagement hurts organizations, including significant costs in lost productivity. According to Gallup research, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work.



But for those organizations able to achieve high levels of engagement, they reap the rewards, from greater levels of creativity, productivity, and group functioning to improved financial performance.

As it turns out, research shows that fostering a broadly diverse and inclusive culture across majority and minority groups is one way organizations can increase levels of engagement. And Millennials, who currently comprise the largest generation in the workforce, report higher levels of engagement when they feel a workplace culture is inclusive. 

When you add to this the research demonstrating (1) that diversity can have a positive impact on group functioning when employees believe in the power of diversity and experience it first-hand; and (2) the power of inspiration to spark creativity, you get a powerful combination of factors to help organizations spark high levels of engagement and reap the related organizational benefits.

Using a broad lens of inclusion to build, manage, and tap into diverse problem-solving teams is one way for organizations to foster the type of inclusive culture shown to increase employee engagement. By harnessing the strengths and achievements of diverse teams, an organization can catch the inspiration that naturally flows when a team is victorious in overcoming a performance challenge or seizing an opportunity. The repeated performance achievements of diverse teams can help cultivate a culture that relies more and more on diversity and inclusion to innovate, creating a positive feedback loop of inspired diversity, creativity, achievement, and engagement. Striking the chord of inspiration that becomes the pulse of an organization.

This helps organizations build a foundation and create an environment for diversity to thrive, paving the way for reaping the multiple benefits of diversity, including higher levels of creativity & innovation, enhanced team performance, and improved business performance.

We'd love to help your organization harness the combined power of inclusive leadership, effective diversity management, and teaming to foster the type of inclusive culture shown to increase employee engagement.


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(Employee Engagement)