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We are People Interaction Designers™. Through our strategy advising, workshops, talks, and coaching services, we partner with clients to design effective interactions among people across all differences in the workplace to enhance communication, teamwork, group problem-solving, innovation, and organizational culture.



Through our INCLUDE™ strategy advising services, we use a process of assessment, design, and measurement to help clients design, develop, and deliver strategies that facilitate effective interaction, communication, and collaboration across all differences in the workplace. We offer assessments separately or as part of an integrated approach.


We identify factors impacting an organization’s ability to design effective interactions among people across differences in the workplace. We identify opportunities to build more inclusive interactions, and we assess related organizational readiness and skills gaps. 


We use insight gained from assessment and evidence-based approaches in the areas of social interaction, teaming, and inclusive leadership to help clients design and implement strategies for building more inclusive interactions across a workplace.


We help clients define success factors, build measurement into program design, and evaluate impacts over time, including designing experiments and pilot programs to test and analyze impacts before scaling.





We work with organizations to build and strengthen skills in interacting and communicating across differences, inclusive leadership, and diverse teaming through our People Interaction Design LAB™ (LEARN-APPLY-BUILD), grounded in social science research and practice. We offer standalone support in each area of our People Interaction Design LAB, or as a self-reinforcing progressive system of support across areas. We customize approaches to address specific needs and honor a client’s unique culture. 


Our LEARN workshops and talks help build skills for interacting and communicating effectively across differences to get the most benefit from diversity in all forms across a workplace. We design workshops and talks based on our INCLUDE® training modules, which capture seven building blocks for building effective interactions across differences in the workplace.


In our APPLY modules, we help develop skills in real-time for interacting effectively across differences as we apply principles of inclusive interaction to group facilitation work, including facilitating strategic planning sessions and team and group problem-solving sessions to help build “muscle memory” for inclusive interaction.



We also help BUILD interaction and collaboration across differences into the fabric of organizations through people interaction strategy design and delivery, interaction assessments, and innovation workshops and labs for sparking creativity & innovation through inclusive interaction.


We partner with clients to design effective interactions across differences into the learning culture. Research shows that treating diversity as a valuable resource for learning and insight provides the framework needed to increase diversity, build high-performing teams, and realize sustainable performance gains from diversity.



We partner with clients in using coaching to build and deepen skills in inclusive interaction, inclusive leadership, diversity management, and diverse teaming using our three-stage Coaching LAB™ (LEARN-APPLY-BUILD) framework: learning through assessment, applying insight from assessment to design goals and action plans, and building and maintaining momentum to reach goals. We deliver coaching programs across three formats: one-on-one coachingcoaching circles, and team coaching

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Through one-on-one coaching, we collaborate with current and future leaders to strengthen skills in inclusive leadership, diversity management, and diverse teaming. We partner in designing personalized plans to identify and bridge skills gaps.

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We collaborate with organizations in designing coaching circles to increase individual effectiveness for interacting across differences and building, managing, leading, and participating on diverse teams as part of a peer-support coaching network.

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We partner with existing work teams through team coaching. We guide teams in applying techniques in inclusive interaction, inclusive leadership, diversity management, and diverse teaming in real-time to foster connections and effective collaboration across differences.