Boost Performance in Identity Diverse Teams

Boost Performance in Identity Diverse Teams


Scott Page, in his book, The Difference, offers strong evidence that cognitive diversity improves collective performance. At the same time, he indicates the evidence on identity diversity's impact on group performance is less clear, as the research reveals high variance in the performance of identity diverse group.



But, importantly, he suggests this variance simply highlights that organizations don't yet have a good grasp on how to effectively manage identity diverse groups to reduce negative outcomes and increase the chances of reaping diversity's benefits.

He highlights from research some of the following approaches as important for effective diversity management:

1: Understanding what types of diversity prove most effective against which types of tasks.

2: Creating effective communication mechanisms.

3: Aligning people around overarching values and goals.

4: Establishing bonds of trust.

These are some of the approaches to effective diversity management that help to mitigate challenges while unlocking and sustaining the benefits of cognitive and identity diversity.




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